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I draw when I feel like it but I'm too lazy to actually make progress and make a life out of it. I'd severely like someone to motivate me.

I live in Sweden together with my fiancé and my crazy bengal cat. Currently unemployed but I do help at a lot of conventions. Did I also mention that I have an unhealty obsession with Magic the gathering? Mostly I'm judging and ranting about it.
I also take walks with a happy fluffball for money, aka, a dog.

I do live at tumblr most of the time so if you like random posts and life rants follow me there:


Family picture by Sorasangel94
Family picture
About one and a half year ago I started drawing some random kid. I realized it kinda looked like one of my OC's Rufius (oldest dude) and so I decided that he and his cat-breed girlfriend Shaya would live long enough to actually get kids, yay!

This is part of my project -finish-those-damn-old-drawings. Everything was done for this drawing except for the clean lineart of Shaya so it wasn't much of a problem. It isn't the most exciting drawing but it's old and I wanted to have family picture of them. Also, why in the potato did I draw so small back then?! (this is as big as it gets, it was a pain to draw that small)
Pixels Character Art by Sorasangel94
Pixels Character Art
Once upon a random time I made a small pixel character and decided to draw some art for it because hey! I might get my thumb out and actually do a video game sometimes.

At the moment I've got this project going where I finish up my old art (as in up to 2 years ago) which I feel could be completed in a few hours. For this one I hadn't done her pants and shoes. I mean come one, what is that to escape from? I'll only do flats for these since I don't want to spend an eternity on old drawings.

Also one of her legs looks wonky, got any feedback?
Commission info by Sorasangel94
Commission info
So right! I'm pretty tired right now so I'll be brief.
If you live in Sweden I will have different payment options and that's the only exception.

I draw in 300p on a big canvas. Please mention any preferences for size as well to what kind of file you want. (PSD with all layers or just PNG for example)
In the note/mail be sure to write up what kind of drawing you want, Lineart-part body for example, as well as what you actually want me to draw. Send me references if you have them. After a while I'll send you a WIP and ask if you need any changes done, better make up your mind then since I won't change it forever.
As for how long it will take, everything from 2 days to a month. I do have a life so please be patient. When we've agreed on everything I will give an estimated time.

What I don't draw:
Anthro, sexual explicit scenes/characters, gore and copyrighted material. (eh I do but not for sale)
I'm good at drawing character design and drawing your awesome OC's. I don't do Mechas or architecture well. My shading is so-so if I say so myself, after all I'm still learning. (promise I will post an actual color-shaded drawing later)

You will be the owner of the drawing and you're free to upload it as long as you credit me. Please do not sell any of my artwork. If it's a lineart you're buying and planning to color, please link me to the colored version, I'd love to see it!

Everything can be the subject to updates.

Template found here:…
Hey! So I recently got a bit more active over here after a long while of not drawing so much. Somehow this new year has been very motivational and I've been drawing more this month than the whole of last year. O_o

Just to make sure this continues and to help someone out there I want to find someone on the same wavelenght to share with and motivate as the title says. This will be only be digital things from me since I'm horrible with pen and paper. So I hope you like drawing digitally as well, it will be pretty hard to help each other and give feedback otherwise.

Feel like you want something like this? Just message me or write here!
I'm up for talks over here on DA, Skype and facebook. (Skype being the favorite, well, mostly chatting) Also it's supeeer awesome if you're from Sweden or the rest of Scandinavia. Oh and, don't be shy if it seems like I've already found someone, can't know enough people who likes to draw!

Me as a person? I'm pretty weird, I like humor, (who doesn't?) conventions and Magic: the Gathering. My dream plans would of course be to work with video games. I'm super determined to do so but easily trapped in procrastination.

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Hey! Tack för watchen! ^^
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Ah, you're from MAL! :D Thanks for the +Watch~ :iconbunnyglompplz:
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I am! :D Though I'm not super active here. You're welcome. :3
All of my old drawings are up here, so be afraid, be very afraaaaid!
AnamNesisX Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
ahaha, don't worry all of my bad old art is here too~ :iconlazyshyplz: at least we can look back and see how much we've improved! 
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